29 December 2010, Wednesday, 14:21

President RB demands to increase crime detection

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The head of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov urged Bashkir law-enforcement bodies to increase crime detection in the region, and felonies first of all.

“The problem with criminality is still too hot in the region” – he said on Wednesday, December 29, at the meeting in the Public Prosecutor Office – “For 11 months of 2010 more than 15 thousand grave crimes and felonies have been committed in the Republic and though this is by 8% less than in 2009 none of these 15 thousand people, whose destinies were once crippled, can be satisfied with our statistics and I’d like to remind that Republican law-enforcement bodies bear responsibility for security of every our citizen”.

According to M-r Khamitov every third grave crime, registered in Bashkiria, remains undisclosed. Besides, Bashkir policemen often try to hide such crimes back and instead of disclosing the crimes, refuse to register them.

“Those functionaries, acting in such way, de facto conceal the crimes and thereby assist to the criminals” – the President RB said – “The Public Prosecutor Office has revealed 40 facts of such cover-up only in December, so the leaders of our law-enforcement bodies have to undertake very severe steps with respect to the employees, refusing to register the crimes. If we fail to put our Republic in order, we’ll sooner or later face the precedents like in the village Kushevskaya in Krasnodar region not long ago”.