27 December 2010, Monday, 14:22

Oil-chemical plant from Sterlitamac received pilot batches of produce for production of tires

author: Lubov Kolokolova

JSC “Sterlitamac oil-chemical plant” received the pilot batches of the high-styrene emulsion butadiene-styrene caoutchouc CKC-1739 and specialists of the plant report this produce is an analogue of SBR-1739, widely used abroad for production of the high-speed tires of the “A” group for racing cars. The main difference of CKC-1739 from other butadiene-styrene caoutchoucs is high ecological compatibility. Besides, the tire tracks, made of this caoutchouc, have better cohesion with the wet road coating.

The samples of the caoutchouc are delivered for the technical centers of the tire companies in Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia and for the European tire enterprises, manufacturing tires for cars, trucks, tractors and other agricultural machinery.