27 December 2010, Monday, 14:01

Bashkir jurts appeared on the main squares of Ufa

author: Svetlana Gafurova

Natural Bashkir jurts appeared on the Soviet Square and in front of the Ufa administration together with the traditional New Year ice castles. National foods and hand-made souvenirs wait for the numerous visitors inside and guests and citizens of Ufa like such national exotics. While the children are tobogganing, the work in the jurts is in full swing because the number of people, wishing to appear in the atmosphere of home warmth, is great. There are the people, who already plan to visit to the jurts in the New Year night. For the convenience of the citizens the jurts will work till five o’clock in the morning.

As the specialists of the Ufa Bashkir arts and crafts company “AGIDEL” told to “Bashinform”, the Bashkir jurts enjoy wide demand not only among local population but in the Russian North too and some modifications can be used for living even in modern conditions.