27 December 2010, Monday, 10:32

Prices for secondary housing increased by 12% in Ufa since the beginning of the year

author: Rasul Hamidullin

The average secondary housing offer price for one square meter in Ufa is 44,83 thousand rubles. For the last week it has increased by 1%.

The prices for one- and multi-room flats increased by 0,9%, for two-room flats – by 1,1% and for three-room flats – by 1%. In 2010 the prices on all types of flats have increased by 12%.

The cheapest three-room 45-square-meter flat is offered at 800 thousand rubles for today. The most expensive four-room 230-square-meter flat in the very center of the city is offered at 20 million rubles.

The most expensive 450-square-meter cottage not far from Ufa is offered also at 20 million rubles.

themes: housing, prices