23 December 2010, Thursday, 12:46

Republican goal-oriented investment program-2011 is approved in Bashkortostan

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The Bashkir Government approved the Republican goal-oriented investment program-2011. The program determines the volumes and directions of the state capital investments’ use in 2011. The overall sum of the pre-planned appropriations is 11,1 billion rubles.

The larger share will be directed to development of the social hypothec crediting. The overall sum of the budget appropriations, meant for stimulation of house-building, makes up almost 4 billion rubles or about 36% of the whole program’s sum. 1 billion rubles will be presumably directed to the housing and communal services. Therefore the housing and communal services sphere covers almost a half of the program’s funds.

Development of the social complex is considered the prior direction of the public investment and the volume of means, meant for development and modernization of the education, health, culture and sport spheres makes up 4,2 billion rubles or 37% of the whole program’s volumes.