22 December 2010, Wednesday, 14:44

President of Tatarstan urged UMPO to perfection of its techno-park

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov visited the “Techno-park of aviation technologies” – the joint education and training center, established by JSC “UMPO” and the Ufa State Aviation Technical University for inculcation of high-tech aviation technologies in industry, today jointly with the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov in the course of the official visit of the Tatar delegation to our Republic.

The training center of the mini-lathes, where the students of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University master the automated production of various machine-building wares, has been demonstrated to the presidents. But this acquaintance wasn’t a surprise for Rustam Minnikhanov, since he happened to visit similar centers before. Besides, the President of Tatarstan considers the rent in the techno-park – about 350 rubles for one square meters – too high.

“In a whole this is very good and necessary beginning” – the President of Tatarstan said – “But this beginning should be developed further. First, you have to start searching for the consumers of the high-tech output, designed here. The techno-park has to work for “UMPO” as well as for other enterprises, including the foreign ones, and in this case its profitability can substantially rise. Besides, the rent has to be much lower. For example, in the majority of IT-parks in other Russian regions it is about 300 rubles for one square meters and for the techno-park it has to be even lower”.

The President of Tatarstan also offers to make the techno-park an open joint-stock company. In his opinion it gives the center more opportunities for development in the market.