22 December 2010, Wednesday, 14:15

The engine, invulnerable for “Stingers” was demonstrated to Rustem Khamitov and Rustam Minnikhanov

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov and the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov paid a visit to the Ufa engine plant (UMPO) on Wednesday, where the aviation engine, manufactured by “UMPO” and “invisible “for the US “Stinger” missiles was demonstrated to them. The presidents have also become acquainted with the assembling of the main wares, produced at the plant, mainly with the aviation engines for the fighters SU-30. The General Director of “UMPO” Alexander Artukhov demonstrated the project of a new energy-efficient program of the plant and the training programs, developed jointly with the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Ufa Aviation College and local technical schools to the presidents. After that the presidents inspected the plant’s workshop 7B, where the engine with the vectorable nozzle for the fighters SU-30 MKI, exported to India, was tested.

themes: visits, UMPO