17 December 2010, Friday, 15:00

A tourist route along the native places of Salavat Ulaev will appear in Bashkiria

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

A tourist route along the places, concerned with life of Salavat Ulaev, will appear in Bashkiria soon. The President RB Rustem Khamitov stated about the necessity of its opening at the meeting with the heads of the north-eastern regions of the Republic.

“Salavat Ulaev is the most substantial historical figure in our region” – he said – “And we have to open a full-fledged tourist route on his motherland in order these places would be strongly fixed both in our national memory and in the memory of the guests, arriving in our Republic”.

In his opinion such initiative should come from the local authority.

“From my side I promise to respond to such proposal as quickly as possible and render assistance in allocation of means for making such route a reality” – the President RB said.