16 December 2010, Thursday, 14:37

Sanatorium “Yangan-Tau” develops social sphere

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The sanatorium “YANGAN-TAU” took the patronage over the school, where the children of the health center’s employees and local settlers studied. Not long ago this educational institution was reconstructed at the expense of the sanatorium’s means.

The President of Bashkiria has become acquainted with the results of this work. The social housing, erected especially for the sanatorium’s employees, was also demonstrated to him.

On the territory of the health center Rustem Khamitov has estimated the opportunities of the active geothermal baths. He has also mentioned that the resort “YANGAN-TAU” was three times for its history called the best health center of Russia and that it formed 50% of the Salavatsky region’s budget.