16 December 2010, Thursday, 11:07

Portrait as a mirror of mastery and style

author: Olga Murtazina

The Republican portrait exhibition is opened today at the Ufa Art Gallery and the chairman of the Union of Painters RB Khatip Fazylov reports this action is planned: the exhibition of self-portraits has taken place in 2009 also before the New Year and the exhibition of still life is scheduled for the next year. The exhibitions within the frames of one genre give the exact impression about many things: is the genre is found in crisis or at a development stage, what the aesthetic preferences of the authors are and what the level of their mastery is.

“Working with the portrait the author should understand what he is painting it for? For making it better than a photo? Or to show the resemblance with the original and the painting, being flat and deprived of any expression?” – The honorable painter RB Rif Abdullin mentioned – “It can also be a goal but the art has another aims”.

But, sure, other aims were personified not in every work. The exhibition is just the reflection of the present moment and looking into this mirror the painters and arts critics may make the corresponding conclusions.

themes: exhibitions