16 December 2010, Thursday, 10:35

A big drug channel is closed in Bashkiria

author: Olga Murtazina

A big channel for synthetic drugs spreading was cut off by the Bashkir police. A 28-year-old businessman opened a real laboratory for production of such drugs in his office in the town of Sterlitamac. In the course of the operation policemen have arrested the derivative substances for production of methylefedron – the drug substance, which formula wasn’t till recently included into the list of the prohibited substances. The drug was sold out through the kiosks as household chemical goods or as a preparation for chemical laboratories in Ufa, Sterlitamac, Salavat, Ishimbay and Kumertau. The transportation to homes was also working. According to the preliminary estimations the monthly income of the businessman was from one to three million rubles. The criminal case is instituted against the man and the investigation is being held now, the press-service of the Ministry of internal affairs in RB reports.

themes: drugs