15 December 2010, Wednesday, 16:01

The cost of the minimal set of foods in Bashkiria is lower than in Russia on average

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The cost of the minimal set of foods counting on one person per month is considered one of the main indices of the price level in the regions. In November the cheapest basket of foods among Russian regions was registered in Saratov region – 2072,54 rubles. In Bashkiria this showing was equal to 2261,66 rubles in November. In Russia this average showing makes up 2519,35 rubles.

The Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports Republic of Tatarstan (2132,83 rubles), Belgorod region (2135,56), Kursk region (2141,42), Bryansk region (2157,56), Tambov region (2160,70) and Omsk region (2173,51 rubles) stand in the list of the regions with the cheapest foods.

The highest cost of the basket of foods in November was registered in Chukot autonomous region – 6252,87 rubles. Nenets autonomous region (4257,86 rubles), Magadan (4165,02), Kamchatka (4019,67) and other northern regions of the country go behind.