14 December 2010, Tuesday, 16:34

Mass-media about Bashkiria and its President Rustem Khamitov in November

author: news agency "Bashinform"

According to information of the news agency “INTERGRUM” the content-analysis of the publications in federal and regional mass-media was made.

The analysis show the number of publications about the President RB Rustem Khamitov in both federal and regional mass-media was equal to 505. 189 messages were devoted to the public-political situation and 419 – to social-economic development of Bashkortostan.

409 materials contained positive opinions, 4 materials included negative information and other 93 articles contained neutral assessments of the President’s activity.

The modality of the publications concerning the public-political situation in the Republic is such that the majority of the articles — 92 of 189 – can be regarded as neutral, 86 materials are written with the positive assessment and 11 materials can be called negative.

The social-economic subject-matter is distributed in the following way: 206 publications contain positive opinions, 118 articles are written in neutral way and 95 publications can be estimated as negative.