13 December 2010, Monday, 16:38

The V international Akmullah readings are opened in Bashkiria

author: Elmira Sabirova

The V international Akmullah readings, devoted to the memory of the great enlightener, are traditionally opened today at the Bashkir State University by Miftahetdin Akmullah.

The readings’ program includes various thematic exhibitions, devoted both the enlightener as well as to the enlightener epoch, the open lessons in Bashkir literature at local schools and the poetic contests. Several conferences and “round tables” are scheduled too. The “Days of the University” will take place in the motherland of the poet – in Miakinsky region of Bashkiria, where pedagogues and students of the Bashkir Pedagogical University meet the compatriots of Miftahetdin Akmullah. Besides, the festival of the national Bashkir wrestling “kuresh” and the evening of the Turk poetry are scheduled too.