13 December 2010, Monday, 15:46

The seminar on the basics of innovational management at enterprises has taken place in Ufa

author: Guselle Tutaeva

The seminar on the basics of innovational management at enterprises with participation of the full member of the International Professional Management Association (ISPIM), the director of the educational projects under the internet-holding Mail.ru, the Vice-President of the MBA Corporate Club under the all-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, a member of the committee on industrial development of the Trade-Industry Chamber RF Dmitry Khomutsky has taken place in Ufa.

The seminar was organized by “RNTIK BASHTECHINFORM” with the assistance of the Ministry of industry and innovational policy RB. Directors of local enterprises, higher education institutions and scientific organizations were invited.

Dmitry Khomutsky has said the potential of any innovation lies in the ideas, born by the employees of the company and later these ideas can become the global projects, increasing the cost of the enterprise in the market many times. According to him it is important to create the working environment first, where the ideas don’t die but receive further development.

“Making the ideas a reality and inculcation of innovations brings success to any company and if people fail to run risks, advancing the innovational ideas, they won’t get profits and thereby the increase of the company’s cost” – Dmitry Khomutsky mentioned.