13 December 2010, Monday, 14:17

The Control and Audit Chamber RB has got high estimate at the federal level

author: Sergey Zakharov

The XVI conference of the Control and Audit Chambers Association has taken place in Moscow. The totals of the Association’s activity for 10 years and the prior directions in its activity in the conditions of modernization of Russian economics and provision of the national security were under discussion there.

The Chairman of the Russian Control and Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin, the deputy chairman of the Government RF, the Minister of finances RF Alexei Kudrin, the first deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin and other Russian top officials have taken part in the conference.

The Association, which staff includes the Control and Audit Chamber RB, has given high estimate to the work of the Republican auditors. The honorable diploma of the Association was presented to the Chairman of the Control and Audit Chamber RB Salavat Kharisov.