10 December 2010, Friday, 10:59

Memorial evening of Akhmet-Zaki Validi to be held in Turkish town of Yalova

author: Alim Faizov

The memorial evening of Akhmet-Zaki Validi Togan, organized by the administration of the Turkish town of Yalova, international organization TURKSOY and by the Institute on investigations of Osman history by Khalil Inaldjuk, will take place in Yalova on Friday. The Mayor of Yalova Yakup Bilgin Kochal, the representative of the Ministry of culture RB Akhat Salikhov, the daughter of Akhmet-Zaki Validi Togan, full member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences, Professor, D-r Isenbike Togan and other guests will take part in the action, devoted to the 120th anniversary of Akhmet-Zaki Validi Togan.

themes: memory