07 December 2010, Tuesday, 15:30

Bashkir deputies offer to use alcohol in full measure

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The deputies of the State Council-Kurultay-RB intend to initiate the alteration of the federal law “State regulation of ethyl alcohol and alcohol production and circulation”. The corresponding decision was reached on Tuesday during the meeting of the agrarian issues, ecology and nature management committee RB.

The necessity to alter the federal law, regulating alcohol production, is caused by the fact that grain – the recycling product in the process of alcohol production – has to be either utilized or processed in accordance with the current legislation. From the economic point of view utilization of grain is extremely unprofitable because in this case it is necessary to incinerate too much natural gas. Besides, the process of grain utilization seriously hurts local ecology since thousand cubic meters of contaminants are blown out in atmosphere every day. At the same time grain is considered a valuable albuminous and vitaminous compound, which can be used for fattening. The law-makers of Bashkiria hope their initiative will be adequately grasped by their colleagues in Moscow and will be approved at the federal level.