06 December 2010, Monday, 18:22

Muslims celebrate the New Year – the beginning of the year 1432 by Hegira

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The new 1432 year by the Muslim calendar – Hegira – begins on Monday, December 6, after the sunset.

The adherents of Islam lead their calendar fr om the beginning of the Prophet Muhammad’s resettlement from Mecca, wh ere local idolaters were mocking at him, to the town of Yasrib, later called Medina. From the beginning of Hegira (stands for emigration from Arab) the formation of the first Islamic state started. But the Hegira chronology started only in the year 637 during the reigning of the second godly caliph Umar ibn al Khattab.

At the same time not the day of the Prophet’s arrival in Medina was taken as the starting point of a new era but the first day of the first month of the same year and this day corresponded to the July 16, 622, by the Julian calendar.

As the Clerical Muslim Dept RB reports, the Muslim New Year is celebrated not so widely as the secular one, nonetheless every adherent of Islam should spend this day, praying, confessing and urging Allah to send the grace for the next year.

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