06 December 2010, Monday, 14:24

Mari culture society “MARI USHEM” in Bashkiria is 20 years old

author: Rail Musin

The 20th anniversary of the Mari culture society “MARI USHEM” was celebrated in Sharansky region of Bashkiria.

The society “MARI USHEM” (Mari Union) in Sharansky region was established the same year when the first all-Mari Congress was held in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, i.e. in 1990. In November 1990 Mari people of Bashkiria gathered to discuss the problems of their aboriginal culture. The society “MARI USHEM” was established for reaching of this goal. Pedagogue Alexander Asmaev is considered its permanent leader during all these 20 years. At present time he works as a personal reporter of the Republican Mari newspaper “CHOLMAN”. The society of Mari culture has become the pioneer in revival of similar national communities. Further the society of Tatar culture was established in the same region in 1997, after that the society of Bashkir culture, Chuvash, Russian etc. At present time all these societies work together for the good of the region in friendship and harmony.