06 December 2010, Monday, 10:58

Sobering in Bashkiria starts from Sibay

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The town of Sibay will become the first town in Bashkiria, where the recently established Republican public movement “Sober Bashkortostan” starts working.

As one of the initiators of “Sober Bashkortostan” Robert Davletshin reported to the news agency “Bashinform”, the three-day seminar “Anti-drug actions in youth environment and formation of healthy and sober people” will start in this town on December 18 with participation of the Vice-President of the International Sobering Academy Viktor Krivonogov. The sobering organizations of Bashkiria hope that thanks to this action they will be able to attract a part of the town’s population to the sober way of life.

“Sober Bashkortostan” intends to start a wide-scaled anti-alcohol campaign in the first quarter of 2011 in Ufa.