05 December 2010, Sunday, 20:24

Dan Krichevsky: Rustem Khamitov set the example of national unity before the whole world

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The President of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov, having kindled the Hanukkah candles on the main square of Ufa on Sunday, has set the example of national unity’s consolidation not just before the other Russian regions but before the whole world. This is the opinion of the chief rabbi of Ufa Dan Krichevsky.

“We were watching the unique event today” – thus he commented the President’s action – “Today, when the conflicts on either national or religious basis, arise in the world from time to time, Bashkiria demonstrates how the representatives of different nationalities and beliefs can live side by side in mutual respect and friendship. I’d like to believe the example, set by the President Rustem Khamitov today, will initiate a new good tradition in the Republic, the Hanukkah candles will be kindled in the center of Ufa every year and the international harmony, reached in our region, will become the base for further rise of Bashkiria in social and economic spheres”.