02 December 2010, Thursday, 16:12

Vyacheslaw Glazychev: “For a long time Bashkiria was the “region-island”, misunderstood from the outside”

author: Marina Shumilova

“For a long period of time Bashkortostan was one of the most closed regions – islands with its own life, misunderstood from the outside” — a member of the Russian Public Chamber Vyacheslaw Glazychev said at today’s meeting with the representatives of the Public Chamber RB – “It was not the only one but definitely the most closed region, so my arrival here is interesting from investigating point of view”.

Vyacheslaw Glazychev mentioned he was much interested in activity of Bashkortostan in tourist sphere as the scientific adviser of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency.

Vyacheslaw Glazychev supposes the potential interaction in elaboration of the development strategy for Bashkortostan quite promising. As a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of regional development RF he is acquainted with the development strategies, elaborated practically in all Russian regions and, as he thinks, only in Yakutia and Khanty-Mansiysky autonomous region these documents reach the appropriate level of problem statement.

Vyacheslaw Glazychev has said the development strategy for Bashkortostan has to be worked up and added he is ready to take part in this process, if the Republic displays its interest in such cooperation.