02 December 2010, Thursday, 12:01

Regular number of the Turkish magazine “Kardesh Kalemler” is devoted to jubilee of the national poet RB Majit Gafuri

author: Akhat Salikhov

A regular number of the magazine of the Eurasian Writers Union “Kardesh Kalemler” is issued in the capital of Turkey – Ankara. It is devoted to the 130th anniversary of the national poet of Bashkortostan Majit Gafuri. The magazine begins with the poet’s works, translated into Turkish language by Turkish poets Ali Akbash, Ibragim Turkhan, Bashkir interpreter Albert Kadyrov and Azerbaijani poet Ramiz Askerov. In total complexity 26 Majit Gafuri’s poems is published in the magazine. Here the articles about life and creation of the classic of Bashkir literature, written by the national poet RB Mustai Karim and many other writers and critics are published too. The magazine is richly illustrated with the photos of Majit Gafuri, the copies of his documents and contains the pencil portrait of the poet, made by Shakhsine Akbash. The colored portrait of the poet is found on the magazine’s cover with the symbol of Bashkiria  - the saltwort flower – and the writing “Devoted to the 130th anniversary of the famous Bashkir poet Majit Gafuri” nearby.