29 November 2010, Monday, 15:48

Communists have held a meeting, devoted to the 190th anniversary of Friedrich Engels, in Ufa

author: Ruslan Gostenov

The meeting, devoted to the 190th anniversary of Friedrich Engels and initiated by the regional divisions of CPRF and the Union of Communist Youth RF, has taken place in Ufa, in the Lenin’s park.

“We suppose the concealment of the great names and events, concerned with the development of Marxism and Leninism, misinterpretation and desecration of the Soviet history inadmissible” – the secretary of he CPRF Bashkir sub-unit Michael Kodyakov stated.

The participants of the meeting have approved the resolution, containing the demands to restore the Lenin’s monument in the Lenin’s park, to return the name of the famous commander Michael Frunze to Achmet-Zaki Validi Street and to stop renaming the streets, reshaping the historical part of the city and destroy the houses- the monuments of history and culture.

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