29 November 2010, Monday, 14:26

All-Russian Teacher’s Year in Russia is coming to the end with opening of a new rural school

author: Elmira Sabirova

The new building of the elementary general education school is opened in the Bashkir village Kalu-Airy in Ishimbaysky region RB at the end of the all-Russian Teacher’s Year. The school is found seven kilometers from the basic educational institution, located in the village Kulgunino.

The building was erected at the expense of the off-budget, sponsorship means. Thanks to the donations and joint efforts of the former graduates of the same school the building has been erected just for six months. The area of the new school is 121 square meters and here the rural library (more than 6000 books in its fund) is located under the same roof with the new school. 11 pupils study here at present moment and local villagers believe the new school and the library will contribute to further development of the social sphere in the village, located almost 11 kilometers from the town of Ishimbay.

themes: Education