25 November 2010, Thursday, 15:23

The forecast of social-economic development of Bashkiria till 2013 is approved

author: Galya Nabieva

Bashkir parliamentarians have approved the forecast of social-economic development of Bashkiria in 2011 and till 2013.

“The Government introduced 68 amendments to the document” – the chairman of the committee on budget, taxes, finances and realty RB Leo Bakusov told the deputies – “According to these amendments the forecasted volumes of agricultural output in all categories of farmings were reduced from 116,8 billion in 2011 to 113,8 billion”.

Parliamentarians have agreed with the rise of the volumes of capital investments and these changes are concerned with the changes in the parameters in the revenue and in the supply in the initial budget’s project. According to the amendments the volumes of capital investments will raise from 7 billion 200 million rubles to 11 billion 100 million rubles in 2011.

The overall volume of budget appropriations to the Republican goal-oriented programs will be increased from 7,3 billion rubles to 7,9 billion in 2011. Besides, the index of consumer prices and the volumes of means, obtained from the use of the realty, found in state property were also altered.

The deputies consider the Republican addressed investment program should become an inseparable part of the forecast and has to be introduced to the State Council RB together with the forecast itself.