25 November 2010, Thursday, 14:02

Deputies of State Council RB suggest one billion rubles should be appropriated for repair of schools

author: Galya Nabieva

During consideration of the amendments to the law RB “The budget RB-2011” the deputies of the State Council-Kurultay-RB have introduced two proposals to the Bashkir Government.

“We offer to allocate one billion rubles for repair of schools and this means have to be allocated not in August but at least in the first quarter of the next year” – the chairman of the committee on budget, taxes, finances and realty Leo Bakusov announced the opinion of the deputies”.

The second deputy’s initiative is establishment of the road fund in the budget, though the federal authority hasn’t yet made this question clear.

“This law is passed in the Republic in the first reading and the second is appointed on December” – Leo Bakusov said – “The matter is the order of the road fund’s formation. Municipal administrations must know what sums they may figure on”.