22 November 2010, Monday, 11:39

Basket of foods has cheapened in Bashkiria in October

author: Galya Nabieva

The cost of the minimal set of foods, consisting of 33 items, in Bashkiria was 2181,43 rubles in October. Statisticians registered the lowering o the cost of the basket of foods for the last month by 2,36 rubles. In September the same set cost was 2183,79 rubles. Same set costs 2464,96 rubles in Russia on average.

The Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports the basket of foods is cheaper in Tatarstan – 2078,61 rubles and in Orenburg region – 2128,21 rubles. In Chelyabinsk region it is equal to 2300,38 rubles and in Chuvashia – 2232,58.

The highest cost of the minimal food set is registered in Chukot autonomous region- 6281,26 rubles.