19 November 2010, Friday, 16:32

Municipal stage of all-Russian pupil’s Olympiad is held in Bashkiria

author: Elmira Sabirova

A municipal stage of the all-Russian pupil’s Olympiad started in Bashkiria with participation of the pupils of the 7-11th grades – winners and prize-owners of the local school’s Olympiads. In 2010 the marathon for intellectuals is held by 21 subjects.

The all-Russian Olympiad consists of four stages. The second municipal stage will last till December 15, 2010. The best pupils will take part in the regional stage, which is held already in 2011.The final stage will take place in April, 2011.

Every year the “Olympiad” movement in the region becomes more and more active and if in previous years Bashkiria failed to gain the Top 10 of the best regions by the number of winners, now the Republic has won the ninth place in the rate of Russian regions thanks to its 32 winners.

themes: Education