18 November 2010, Thursday, 14:15

Bashkir children’s homes may take part in the contest of Volga federal district “Window to Childhood”

author: Elmira Sabirova

The new contest for the best children’s home’s site “Window to Childhood” started within the project “Returning the Childhood”, held by Volga federal district.

Administrations, employees and pupils of the children’s homes and boarding schools of the Volga federal district may join it. The contest is held by three nominations: “The best active site of a children’s home or a boarding school”, “The best design of the site” and “Active participation of the pupils in work of the children’s home’s site”.

Applications for participation can be sent to the address solovev@ppp.pfo.ru beginning from November 15 to December 12, 2010. The contest’s totals will be summed up till December 14, 2010, the official site of the Plenipotentiary of the President RF in Volga federal district reports. The application’s form can be found on the site http://www.pfo.ru.

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