18 November 2010, Thursday, 10:41

Incomes of the Russian Social Insurance Fund in Bashkiria are more than 8 billion rubles

author: Galya Nabieva

The incomes of the Russian Social Insurance Fund’s regional division RB make up 8 billion 170 million rubles in 2010, including more than 3 billion 200 million rubles, incoming due to subventions and means of the federal exchequer. 4 billion 970 million was collected on the territory of Bashkiria. This data was announced at the meeting of the regional Fund division’s coordination council by the totals of nine months 2010.

The press-service of the Fund’s division reports more than 88 thousand 600 policy holders are registered in the Republican fund for today and the rise of the number of the registered enterprises is 4%.

“In spite of the increase of insurance payments by 12%, as compared with the same period of time in 2009, the Bashkir Fund’s division still remains unprofitable due to the substantial increase of the supply” – the regional division’s manager Marat Latypov reported at the meeting.