17 November 2010, Wednesday, 15:21

The Days of At-Tashrik are the continuation of the holiday Kurban-Bayram

author: Alim Faizov

Muslims celebrate the Days of At-Tashrik – the continuation of Kurban-Bayram sacrifice holiday, 11-13 Zul-khidga (the last month of the Islamic calendar). These days are also considered festive and beginning with the morning Mohammedan prayer till the afternoon Mohammedan prayer on the third Tashrik day the Muslims read the “takbir”, called “takbir Tashrik” after the collective Mohammedan prayers. The reading of “Takbir Tashrik” is obligatory in the following cases: if the Mohammedan prayer is read by the whole collective, for the woman, following her husband when reading the prayer and to a pilgrim. If the pilgrim reads the Mohammedan prayer separately and if a woman follows other woman when reading the prayer, it is not compulsory.

During all these three days the pilgrims continue making sacrifices and visiting the valley of Mina, where they throw the stones to all three columns (jamrat al-ula, jamrat al-vusta and jamrat al-akaba), the Clerical Muslim Dept RB reports.