15 November 2010, Monday, 11:22

Ufa will participate in the project of “United Russia” “New Roads” in 2011

author: Marina Shumilova

Ufa will gain support in 2011 within the frames of the “United Russia” project “New Roads”. The project is developed on the all-Russian scale since 2007. Today it is working in 32 towns — provincial and regional centers. Within the frames of the project the Russian cities with one-millionth population, including Ufa, have received funds for repair of old and construction of new roads.

“Ufa feels a need for additional financing of roads’ repair and construction” – the Ufa Mayor Paul Kachkaev said at the last meeting of the city administration – “439 million rubles was allocated for the city within the frames of the project in 2009”. According to the Mayor the development of the “United Russia” party’s project will be continued in 2011 and Ufa administration has already determined the list of the streets, which have to be repaired the next year. It is expected Ufa will receive about 800 million rubles for these purposes within the frames of the “United Russia” project “New Roads” in 2011.

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