09 November 2010, Tuesday, 16:04

The art-project “The Tenors of the XXI century” comes to Ufa

author: Alfia Agliullina

The concert within the frames of the art-project “The Tenors of the XXI century” will take place at the Bashkir State Philharmonic Society by Khusain Akhmetov on November 22.

The singers will be accompanied by the jazz-orchestra, conducted by Oleg Kasimov.

“Being a pop-jazz orchestra we used to work in different directions, so it would be interesting for us to try and play in the new for us pop-symphonic format, especially in the company, consisting of the famous vocalists” – he said – “So our aim is to play at the highest professional level”.

The project “The Tenors of the XXI century” exists since 2002, when it was for the first time introduced to the wide public at the Sobinov’s festival in Saratov by analogy with the international festival “The Bass Singers of the XXI century”. Later the program was meeting high success in Samara and Yekaterinburg.

The program “The Tenors of the XXI century” in its present staff exists since 2005 and the leading soloists of the Moscow’s opera theaters are its participants: Dmitry Sibirtsev, Maxim Paster, Michael Urusov, Alexander Bogdanov, Alexander Skwarko, Alexander Zakharov, George Faradjev and Sergey Pisarev.

Popular opera classical works, Neapolitan, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian folk songs and works of the popular modern composers form the base of their repertoire.

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