07 November 2010, Sunday, 12:54

The debts for housing and communal services in Bashkiria reached 1,9 billion rubles

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The bill payable of the housing-communal services’ enterprises before the purveyors of the energy resources for nine months of 2010 made up 734 million rubles. The data was sited at the meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of housing and communal services RB.

“We have to undertake the most resolute steps for liquidation of the indebtedness and we possess enough reserves for that” – the Minister of housing and communal services RB Geman Asadullin stated. First of all this is the collection of the population’s debts, making up 1,9 billion rubles. Thus, in 2010 these debts have grown by 570 million rubles or by 40%. In opinion of the Minister the efficiency of the collection of the population’s debts still remains low. For nine months of 2010 only 968 million rubles or 6% of the total sum have been collected. Besides, there is the problem of non-payments between the enterprises of housing and communal services.

“We have to start wide information campaign about the possibility to receive state backing among people”- the Minister said – “And, of course, we have to install more units for registration of the resources consumed”.