03 November 2010, Wednesday, 16:12

Bashkir film is called the best at the filmfest in Saint-Petersburg

author: Alfia Agliullina

The film “Enmesh”, produced by our compatriot Ainur Askarov, has won the prize of the 10th festival of the student’s films “Peter Kit”. The Bashkir film has won the prize for the best production.

The short film “Enmesh” (“stubborn” from Bashkir) was shot by the film studio “Bashkortostan”. The nine-year-old boy, wishing to watch the Indian film “The Disco Dancer” in the village club, is the main hero. But on the way to his seems rather simple dream he faces many difficulties. The film’s action occurs at the beginning of the 90s and the irreversible changes already started in the country.