01 November 2010, Monday, 18:45

Rustem Khamitov opened his own official site

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The official site of the President of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov to the address www.presidentrb.ru was opened on Monday, November 1. Earlier the official portal RB (www.bashkortostan.ru), containing the information about activity of the President RB, the history of the Republic, state and administrative-territorial structure, state and municipal bodies, and federal strictures, performed the functions of the presidential site.

The new personal presidential site is devoted exclusively to the presidential branch of power and contains the detailed data about activity of the President RB, his status and competences, internal policy and operating schedule. The site demonstrates the structure of the Presidential Administration in details and here the database of the normative documents is located too. The personal blog of Rustem Khamitov in “Live Journal” will be still devoted to direct and informal contacts of the President RB with the citizens of the Republic, which the head of Bashkiria receives the information from the first hands and in the live dialogue mode through.

Because of some reasons the site of the President RB still needs certain improvements, as its designers say. Now it doesn’t contain some useful instruments, such as the system of electronic queues, electronic appeals and some other applications, so the first visitors automatically become its beta-testers and have all chances to take part in improvement of the project.