28 October 2010, Thursday, 15:38

The first madrasah will be opened in Bashkir trans-Ural zone

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The first madrasah will be erected in Sibay and it will become the only Islamic education institutions in the Bashkir trans-Ural zone, the deputy chairman of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB Ruslan Sayakhov reported.

“The decision concerning the madrasah erection was reached on Wednesday at the field plenum of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB” – he said – “Earlier the construction works were initiated but later this process was stopped. The head of the Presidential Administration RB Nikolai Kurapov says this time the works will be carried to the conclusion but at that the old project of the madrasah will be revised and its building will be equipped in accordance with the modern standards”.

The madrasah is planned to be erected in the shortest terms and it should start working already on the nest school year.