26 October 2010, Tuesday, 16:05

The President RB hasn’t cut the state machinery radically down but intends to release the officials from excessive functions

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The President RB Rustem Khamitov has stated at today’s press-conference that he decided to avoid a radical cut-back of the state machinery and on the contrary added several new structures, including the state committee for placement of public contracts, but the overall number of the public employees wasn’t exceeded in spite of the “attacks” of the ministers.

The President RB thinks that possible cut-back of the state machinery will directly depend upon the efficiency of its functioning. According to the European standards the number of the officials in the Republic isn’t high but their efficiency is also rather low. Rustem Khamitov supposes the officials have to be released from the excessive functions and obligations first. According to him at the all-Russian level this work has been done and the results appeared rather promising but in the Republic they just have to begin this work – rather hack and complicated, not interesting and full of conflicts but nonetheless it must be done.