25 October 2010, Monday, 14:13

The cattle livestock in Bashkiria decreased by 10%

author: Galya Nabieva

The livestock of cattle in Bashkiria has decreased by 10%. The Minister of agriculture RB Azat Ziganshin reports the number of cattle in the Republic is equal to 1589,9 thousand heads at present time. The number of cows has become less by 8,4%, pigs – by 8,3%, goats and sheep – by 7,3%, horses – by 6,7% and poultry – by 5,2%. In this year the agricultural complex RB has received serious means both from the federal and Republican exchequers: for fodders and for meat cattle-breeding and in 2011 the budget means will be allocated again exactly for preservation of the cattle. Nonetheless the number of cattle livestock steadily comes down.

In order to preserve the livestock of the cattle at the level of September 1, 2010, the heads of municipalities have introduced the guarantee letters to the Ministry of agriculture RB. “We have to provide preservation of cattle and poultry livestock in accordance with the guarantee letters. The analysis of the cattle-breeding work results will be done as compared with the previous years as well as with the level on September 1, 2010, separately for every agricultural enterprise and farming” – the Minister warned.