15 October 2010, Friday, 14:53

40,8% of Russians say for the last year the level of corruption in the country hasn’t changed

author: Sergey Zakharov

The Bashkir division of Russian Ministry of justice published the data of the anonymous survey concerning the efficiency of the undertaken anti-corruption measures in the Republic. 800 people have taken part in the poll.

According to the results of the survey 40,8% of the interrogated people say the level of corruption in the Russian regions hasn’t changed for the better, 27,2% say the corruption level is just growing and only 11% are agree the level of corruption is coming down.

The majority of the interrogated say the most efficient anti-corruption measures are:

1.    Introduction of modern technologies in the sphere of public services, including the “one window” system, e-government and specialized internet sites (23,8%);

2.    The approval of the normative-legal acts, aimed at struggle with corruption (22,3%);

3.    Presentation of the qualification requirements to the citizens, pretending to the state and municipal posts and obligatory check-up of the information, introduced by the officials (15,7%);

4.    Presentation of the certain restrictions for state employees in the form of furnishing information (including wives and minors) (15,2%).

At that 13,4% agree that neither of the undertaken anti-corruption measures can be called really efficient.

The interrogated indicated the local self-government bodies and authority as the most corrupted (51,9%); law-enforcement bodies (36,5%); the judicial system (17,8%); the education system (17,4%); health protection (16,6%) and other spheres (39,5%).