15 October 2010, Friday, 10:31

The forged site of the all-Russian population census appeared in internet

author: Sergey Zakharov

The fake census site appeared in internet on the first day of the all-Russian population census-2010. The Russian Statistics Committee states it’s just a “mirror” of the official site, besides, seriously distorted, the federal press-center “Census-2010” reports.

The pseudo-site doesn’t maintain the standard coding and in order to read the texts one has to change the browser’s coding to Cyrillic forcibly. Besides, when turning from any page to the beginning of the site rather primitive mobile version appears – the text version and very simplified.

Along with the decoration style the name of the fake domain is similar to that of the real one but the specialists say the domain of the fake site PERIPIS-2010.RU has nothing to do with the official domain PEREPIS-2010.RU.

The fake site is designed without permission of the rightholder – the Russian Statistics Committee and this is considered the violation of the sole right of the rightholder.

As the jurists say, the perverted information of the fake site misleads the users, distorts the essence and the content of the information materials on the official site, thus discrediting the reputation of the Russian State Statistics Committee.