13 October 2010, Wednesday, 15:27

Ildar Shakhmaev: In order to turn Bashkiria to the Moscow time zone we need serious grounds

author: Rasul Hamidullin

In order to reach the decision concerning Bashkiria’s transition to the Moscow time we have to make through and all-round calculations, the director of the JSC “SO EES” division in Bashkiria Ildar Shakhmaev says.

“The question is too serious, so the work should be corresponding” – he says – “We have to hire a special team, able to make the calculations and technical-economical assessments for turning to the Moscow time, otherwise we can face the unpredictable after-effects, other words we have to be cautious and scrupulous”.

Ildar Shakhmaev has said it is principally important to take not just the financial constituent but public opinion into account first, because, in his opinion, the change of the time zone can negatively affect such layers of the Republican population as pensioners and kids.

themes: time zones