13 October 2010, Wednesday, 14:14

The Bashkir parliament will consider the budget and other important bills at the regular meeting on October 21

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The date of a regular plenary session of the Bashkir parliament and its agenda are appointed at today’s 37th gathering of the State Council Presidium RB. The 31st gathering of the State Council RB will take place on October 21 and the deputies have to consider more than 40 questions, including 29 Republican bills. The work over 15 of them is expected to be completed.

Three budget documents will be considered in the first reading: the forecast of social-economic development RB in 2011 and for the period till 2013, the bills “The budget of Republic of Bashkortostan-2011” and “The budget of the Republican Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund RB-2011”.