11 October 2010, Monday, 18:15

On the eve of the all-Russian population census the President of Bashkiria has given the answer to the “politically preoccupied” with the words of Victor Hugo

author: Nikolai Ermolenko | photo: Andrey Starostin

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has cited the words of Victor Hugo, giving the answer to those “politically preoccupied citizens of Bashkortostan, for whom the ratio between Russians, Tatars or Bashkirs is more important than the prosperity and comfort of all Republican citizens” on the eve of the all-Russian population census-2010.

“The greatness of a nation isn’t measured by its population as well as the greatness of a man – by his height”. Taking the floor at the solemn Monday’s meeting, devoted to the Republic Day, he has called these insinuations the “pseudo-problem”, hiding the main thing – thanks to interaction of all nations in Bashkortostan its public and cultural life becomes more interesting and variable. The presence of the Bashkir, Tatar, Russian, Mari, Chuvash, Udmurt and other national traditions brings plenty of new colors and tints to our culture, making the whole palette brighter, the head of the Republic mentioned.