12 October 2010, Tuesday, 10:14

The Day of Bashkortostan was celebrated in Turkey

author: Alim Faizov

The Representative Office of Republic of Bashkortostan in Istanbul has held the annual traditional action, devoted to the Republic Day, in Istanbul, on the territory of the park “OKTAPY”, where the Museum of history and ethnography of Bashkir nation is located. The representatives of public, municipal, state and business circles of Turkey, students and compatriots from Bashkortostan, either studying or working in Turkey, were present at the reception.

The head of the Representative Office RB in Istanbul Kanshaubiy Miziev has marked the Republic of Bashkortostan together with its new leadership is stably moving along the way of qualitative renovation, acceleration and deepening of its economic development. On behalf of the Republican leadership he has congratulated all comers with the Republic Day and wished the guests successful cooperation with our Republic.

The Bashkir folk concert has taken place at the end of the evening party with the performance of the Bashkir, Russian and Turkish songs and with the Bashkir cane flute melodies, played by Azat Kuldavletov.