06 October 2010, Wednesday, 11:38

Presentation of a new edition of encyclopedia of Mechetlinsky region RB to be held on October 8

author: Marina Shumilova

The presentation of the second edition of the Mechetlinsky region’s encyclopedia will take place in the regional Culture Palace in the village BOLSHEUSTIKINSKOE on October 8 on the eve of the Republic Day and the 80th anniversary of the region.

Mechetlinsky region was one of the first regions in Bashkortostan, which published its short encyclopedia in 2000. For the last decade the region has noticeably changed: dozens kilometers of asphalted roads are laid here and plenty of new schools, culture palaces and houses are erected. All settlements of the region are supplied with gas and much new information about history of its settlements and its remarkable toilers appeared, so the administration of Mechetlinsky region reached the decision to re-publish the encyclopedia.

On the eve of the region’s 80th anniversary the encyclopedia has seen the light in the publishing house “The Press World” with the circulation 1,5 thousand copies and numerous authors of the encyclopedia, the editorial staff and all those, who contributed to re-edition of the encyclopedia, will gather in the village BOLSHEUSTIKINSKOE to take part in its presentation.