04 October 2010, Monday, 17:40

High level of air pollution is observed in several cities of Bashkiria

author: Svetlana Gafurova

It is no secret that the purity of the atmosphere, especially in big cities, leaves much to be desired and according to the numerous public surveys this problem seriously troubles many people.

In 2009 the highest levels of air pollution were registered in Sterlitamac, where the level of maximum permissible concentrations of formaldehyde were exceeded 3,3 times; the maximum permissible concentration of benzopyrene was exceeded 3,3 times in Blagoveshensk; the suspended matters exceeded the maximum allowable concentration 1,3 times in Tuimazy.

High level of air pollution is registered in Blagoveshensk, Tuimazy, Sterlitamac and Ufa.

In 2009 the stationary sources have thrown 397,9 thousand tons of contaminants into atmosphere RB, including 27,09 thousand tons of solid substances and 370,81 thousand tons of liquid and gas substances.

The “Bashkir Generating Company” has become the “champion” by the gross atmospheric injections – 51,512 thousand tons. JSC “Soda” comes behind – 41,946 thousand tons; JSC “UFANEFTEHIM” – 44,622 thousand tons and JSC “Novo-Ufimsky Refinery” -41,585 thousand tons.

The exhausts of motor-car transport are added to the atmospheric injections of the industrial enterprises. In 2009 they’ve made up 656,2 5thousand tons.

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