27 September 2010, Monday, 17:08

A village street will be named after the writer

author: Rail Musin

The arrangements, devoted to the 90th anniversary of the popular Bashkir pose writer, poet and publicist Ibragim Abdullin, have taken place in the village Zirikly, on his motherland.

Five years ago the author of four novels and dozens of short stories, articles, essays, plays and texts of more than 30 songs has died.

During his creative life the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Ibragim Abdullin has published more than 40 books in Bashkir, Russian and Tatar languages; he was the honorable activist of culture in Russia and honorable activist of culture of Bashkortostan, the laureate of Salavat Ulaev State Award.

Having left a bright sign in Bashkir literature, Ibragim Abdullin is considered the pride of Sharansky region RB and the beacon for younger generations of Bashkir literary men.

For perpetuation of his memory the villagers made the decision to name a new street in the village after Ibragim Abdullin.